Croeso! Velkominn! Welcome to the Wendrich artHouse website!

Visit the ART GALLERY for:
  Tree of Life Sephiroth Series(Kabbalah)
  Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Gallery
  Prophetic Dreams Gallery
  Spiritual Gallery
  NEW FOR 2018: RUNA GALLERIES - new series in progress

Visit the STUDY area for:
  Golden Dawn Temple Tarot Deck
  A SEPHIROTHIC ODYSSEY: A Journey in Consciousness with the Golden Dawn Temple Tarot by Harry and Nicola Wendrich. See the GALLERY SHOP to order.
  Tree of Life studies; Meditation techniques; Colour Theory
  MUSIC section featuring Music of the Plants
  and more.
WOW! Window onto Wales features artwork and astro/landscape photography from the unique perspectives of local artists.