About Us

We live in a time where it seems as if a Higher Mind is pulling us into a higher frequency of consciousness. Often we struggle with this inner calling, allowing our intellect all authority at the expense of the silent voice of love flowing from within the heart. Yet there is a deep need for humanity to look within, in order to address the complex problems that face us.

Our ancestors held the knowledge of consciousness long-lost to us - a technology of mind that is reawakening.

Keys to such knowledge remain hidden within the Tarot and Runes, which, aside from their divinatory function, provide access via meditation to inner archetypal and universal forces that, when discovered and understood, reveal the secrets of our renewal and transformation into a new vision of who we are and where we are going.

Following several decades of dedicated meditation practice, Harry and Nicola have developed a personal method of experiencing the reality of the Inner Realms, both individually and through joint meditations, wherein communication with these unseen forces is possible.

Wendrich artHouse was set up to act as a vehicle to transmit spiritual concepts and experiences through images and the written word - to bring the invisible into the visible - that their gleanings from the unseen realm might add to the collective pool of spiritual knowledge into which so many others have fed their unique contributions.

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A deeper look at the early spiritual experiences and communications which brought our work into being is presented in the paperback 'About Us,' available in the gallery shop or via lulu.com.